Greens Certifications & Accolades:

Greens is a certified Global GAP grower exporter, having both production and processing packing houses certified.

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) stands for the requirements imposed at global level on agricultural and horticultural producers concerning food safety, storage life and quality. This protocol creates the setting for GAP at farm level. It determines the minimum standards that produce must meet to be accepted by large retailers. Global GAP aims to increase consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food. Furthermore, Global GAP shows that in producing these goods, attention is devoted to worker welfare, the environment, natural resources and flora & fauna. The protocol is used as a benchmark for current production methods. The guidelines are a means of introducing integrated crop protection in conventional agriculture and horticulture.
All units are registered EOU (Export Oriented Units) and are recognised by the APEDA.

Greens have started ground work for HACCP certification for Greens Food Crafts.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) is a self-monitoring food safety management programme that helps control all aspects of commercial food production from acquiring and handling raw materials to producing and distributing the finished product. HACCP encompasses seven main principles defined by the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods i.e. Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point Identification, Establishment of Critical Limits, Monitoring Procedures, Corrective Actions, Record Keeping and Verification Procedures.

Greens has also won the Best Exporter Award in small and medium Industry category, awarded by FKCCI for 2 consecutive years.

Greens believes that quality and food safety are of utmost importance and hence these aspects takes priority in our process of growing and post-harvest, though these are not specified standards for Indian food producers.

Concern for environment and preservation of soil fertility and health are also a top priority for the company, which acts as a win –win situation since we are into sustainable agricultural practices.